Are You Scary?


On this weeks scary episode of the most terrifying podcast that there is, The Carolyn and Joe Show!, The gang welcomes back the Submit to These Posse! Yes, James and Bovee have teamed up and returned to the danger studio. On this special episode the show, we really get to the bottom of who James really is and his effect of people, plus more insane conversations that can’t be mentioned here, like are there real life Pats? Enjoy!


Look Behind You!


Look behind you! It’s the The Carolyn and Joe Show! Carolyn and Joe sneak up on you with a conversation about driving at night time with lack of sleep, New York Comic Con 2010, The Other Side of the Table panel experience, How Carolyn yells bloody murder while sleeping in the car and how we met the great Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan from Smallville), plus more. Enjoy!


The Reunion


Bovee has returned to the house of The Carolyn and Joe Show! Have a listen to a conversation between, Carolyn, Joe and the leader of the fan Club Bovee, that will have you spitting out your water in and spraying it all over your pants. This week we talk about the outcome of our high school reunion, shopping with woman in lingerie stores, the reality of fantasy football, what a girl can do to get their guy’s attention while they’re not paying attention to them and how that plays into Bovee’s new business . Plus much more. Enjoy!

P.S – Don’t forget to catch up with Carolyn and Joe at this years New York Comic Con!