Play The Hits!


Take you’re seats! The Carolyn and Joe Show is here! But, we have sad news…Carolyn is sick 😦 So she’s unable to join the show this week. But Joe had a plan. He invited Mr Bandit to play the hits! Enjoy!

Mr Bandit Plays The Hits!

Rooney – Keep Holding On
The Beatles – She Gotta Ticket To Ride
Weezer – The Good Life
Weezer – Slob
Weezer – No One Else
Weezer – Don’t Let Go
The Beatles – All My Lovin
The Miracles – You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me
Nick Lowe – (Half of) Cruel To Be Kind
Rooney – Stay Away
The Crickets/ The Clash – I fought the Law
The Raconteurs – Hands
Weezer – Jaimie
My Chemical Romance – Blood


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