You Can Be A Winner!

On this weeks episode of the Carolyn and Joe Show, Carolyn and Joe are giving something away! Yes indeed, we are giving away a prize on the show, tune in to find out how and maybe that grand prize can go to you! Also on this weeks episode, the gang talks about if the world would be better or worse without the internet and if its even possible to stop progress, AND find out the results from their talk at the GVExpo DC Final Cut user group event, in fact you can even listen to the bootleg of the talk after this episode. PLUS MORE Enjoy!

Get your copy of the new issue of INDIE COMIC MAGAZINE (Featuring a special Christmas Black Magic Tales story by Carolyn and Joe) HERE

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Curls Studio!

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Listen to Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes talk about Curls Studio HERE
Read an interview with Carolyn and Joe from New York Comic Con 2011 by the blog, I know why people hate me HERE
Watch Carolyn and Joe interviewed at SPX by Full Sanction HERE
Watch Carolyn and Joe on, The Jelly Vision Show, HERE
Listen to Carolyn and Joe on, The Menagerie of Kick-Assery podcast HERE

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