The Vegetarian Option

Hello one and all and welcome to the garden fresh edition of the Carolyn and Joe Show! During this weeks whirling conversation, listen as Carolyn tells you why’s she’s 80% vegetarian, and what exactly is a 80% vegetarian, The awesomeness of Angelina Jolie’s leg and we answer some listener mail! PLUS MORE. ENJOY
(If you have any questions for us and would like us to answer it on the show, you can find us on twitter @carolynbelefski or @astrayJ – or any other way you can reach us)

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One thought on “The Vegetarian Option

  1. I’m 120% vegetarian, so that balances out Carolyn’s 80%. And yes, the Veggie burger at 5 guys is just a mushed up mess of veggies. (I kind of like it)

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