Webcomics NOW!

Photo Credit – Fantastic Forum

The Carolyn and Joe Show summer tour continues, this week The Carolyn and Joe Show bring to you an exclusive from the Southern Maryland Comic Con!

Carolyn Belefski took part in the webcomics panel that place at The Southern Maryland Comic Con and we thought it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t share that panel with you. So have a listen as the creators of Bloop, Curls, and Capes n Babes – Steve Conley, Carolyn Belefski, and Chris Flick, respectively – discuss their methods and experiences creating some of today’s top webcomics. PLUS MORE. ENJOY

Keep an eye out for the Southern Maryland Comic Con. Something awesome is a coming.

Carolyn Belefski – Curls (http://www.curls-studio.com/curls)
Steve Conley – Bloop (http://bloopstree.com)
Chris Flick – Capes-n-Babes (http://www.capesnbabes.com)
Fantastic Forum (http://www.fantasticforum.tv)

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