Forest Walking with Sallie Keena


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On this episode we have a big time treat for all you listeners to the Carolyn and Joe Show! This week, on the worlds most unpredictable podcast, our host Carolyn and Joe are joined by super talented and special guest, musician and artist and world traveler, Sallie Keena! ( and We are really excited about having Sallie Keena on the show this week because for a few years Sallie has been sharing her works on the west coast, but now with a stop on the east coast Sallie will be performing some songs exclusively on the Carolyn and Joe Show! Not only that, but in between songs, Joe and Carolyn talk to Sallie about Hot Foxes, the Seattle scene, the LA Scene, Smashing Pumpkins, Who do we look like, Sallie’s Tim Burton dream and our review on the Oscars. PLUS MORE. Don’t miss this one!

Sallie Keena‘s live performances can be heard at 9:45(Tangle & Mossy) – 28:00(Emeralds) – 54:20(Plea to a friend who was heart broken in paris song)


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