The Other Side of the Table Panel – LIVE from AWESOME CON!

Awesome Con The Otherside of the table

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Awesome Con 2014 had many great history making moments, this week the host of the Carolyn and Joe Show! podcast, Cartoonist Carolyn Belefski and filmmaker Joe Carabeo, bring you an Awesome Con exclusive. Recorded live in front of an Awesome Con audience, the most important panel for anyone thats interested in being a comic book creator, this week we share with you THE OTHERSIDE OF THE TABLE: LESSONS FROM CREATORS (The Washington DC edition) Enjoy!

Check out the write up.

The Other Side of the Table: Lessons from Creators (Washington DC Edition)
Creating your product is only half the work it takes to succeed in the comics industry. What about the other half that we don’t see as clearly after the product is released to the world? This important panel will explore what it is like to be on the other side of the table, as a creator. We will discuss what it takes to exhibit at conventions, promote yourself, gain a loyal audience, and hopefully survive the life as comic book creator in today’s wild west industry – from the POV of professionals already behind the table. Moderated by filmmaker/comic writer Joe Carabeo.

Panelists: Joe Carabeo, Carolyn Belefski, Steve Conley, Matt Dembicki, Arsia Rozegar

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