LIVE from AWESOME CON – Pro Wrestling Today: The New Movement

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Still bringing you the hits from AWESOME CON, the Carolyn and Joe Show (filmmaker Joe Carabeo and cartoonist Carolyn Belefski) this week bring to you the Pro Wrestling Today: The New Movement panel recorded LIVE from Awesome Con 2014. As you know The Carolyn and Joe Show is fans of one of the greatest art forms in the world, pro wrestling. So of course its our pleasure to bring you this Awesome Con exclusive. Here’s the write up

Pro Wrestling Today: The New Movement
After an extremely successful Pro Wrestling Today panel held at the first ever Awesome Con, Joe Carabeo is bringing it back for round 2! What can happen in year in the Pro Wrestling world? Find out, as certain Awesome Con guests DC101’s Mike Jones and Astray Productions’s Joe Carabeo, Dan Nokes and Ben Taylor talk the talk and walk the walk about how they feel about today’s current pro wrestling product, its storylines, it’s superstars, and maybe even a surprise. Pro Wrestling fans unite, this is the panel that will make you chant YES! YES! YES!


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