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I can’t BOlieve they actually did that, it’s THE CAROLYN AND JOE SHOW! This week our hosts Astray Productions filmmaker Joe Carabeo and Curls Studio Cartoonist Carolyn Belefski, welcome to the studio an amazing guest, an amazing mind and an even amazing fellow podcaster, host of “It’s All Journalism” Michael O’Connell! In this fantastic and fun episode Micheal O’Connel and the gang have a conversation about the current trends in the comic book and serialized mediums, you know, like killing long loved character, changes in ethnic backgrounds and the switching of the sexes, not only that but we dive into the meaning of what is like to actually collect things you love and why, and why not, and is living life as a challenge good or bad. PLUS MORE, ENJOY!

ALSO, Don’t forget to check out Brian Sarvis and Joe Carabeo‘s one-shots film THE FIRST TIMER at



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