That is Tim Trueheart

tim trueheart

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It’s a Tim Trueheart Bang Bang on The Carolyn and Joe Show! This week our hosts Astray Productions filmmaker Joe Carabeo and Curls Studio Cartoonist Carolyn Belefski, welcome back to the podcast, DC comedian TIM TRUEHEART! By now, you know his name, you know his face, and we heard the great responses from last weeks episode and heard that you all were begging to hear and see more, and The Carolyn and Joe Show is giving it to you, MORE MORE and MORE Tim Trueheart. In this special directors cut edition, hear the gang dive into the true mind of Tim Trueheart, his health, the shape, his brain, his day, his way of life, his food, his teachings, his comedy, his world. PLUS MORE! ENJOY!

Follow TIM TRUEHEART on twitter @TimTrueheart and watch and listen to him Jelly Vision

ALSO, Check out Brian Sarvis and Joe Carabeo‘s one-shots film that feature’s TIM TRUEHEART a film called THE MAGIC TRICK at



Curls Studio!

Astray Productions!
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