We’re All Aliens!



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From another planet they have returned, its the Carolyn and Joe Show! This week our hosts Astray Productions filmmaker Joe Carabeo and Curls Studio Cartoonist Carolyn Belefski, finally get their hands on the Gerard Way LP, but from Where??? This leads them into a discussion of what type of people used to be considered scary and where did they go, also they talk about how kids have it easy these, but exactly what is easier (boobs) They talk about Gerard Ways Hesitant Alien LP and their thoughts on the whole progress which leads them into talk about a band’s lifespan in general.. PLUS MORE. Enjoy.

ALSO, Check out Brian Sarvis and Joe Carabeo‘s one-shots films at one-shots.com

AND THEN check out the 2015 Taboo Girls Get Wet Calendar Documentary by Joe Carabeo



Curls Studio!

Astray Productions!
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