Awesome Filmmakers Panel: LIVE from Awesome Con



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The Carolyn and Joe Show is back from an Awesome Awesome Con! And they’ve brought gifts!  This week our hosts, filmmaker, Joe Carabeo and cartoonist, Carolyn Belefski bring you into their Awesome Con experience. Exclusively on the Carolyn and Joe Show we bring you the audio from the historic AWESOME FILMMAKERS: Making it happen panel with filmmakers Simon Kim (Director, Producer for House Studio DC), Fernando Mico (Actor, Director, Producer of the “Nova International Film Festival, “Ever After””), Kunitaro Ohi (Cinematographer, “Something, Anything” “Years of Living Dangerously”, Capella Fahoome (Producer, Director for Defining Entertainment “Nottown” “Every Man’s Journey”) and Joe Carabeo (Director, Writer for Astray Productions, short film series on “” and “Awesome Con” Commercials) This was an amazing panel, something that every aspiring filmmaker, or current filmmaker should listen to. It’s as real as it gets. AND MORE!

News Announcement Update: cARToons show opening at Politics and Prose coffee shop (5015 Connecticut Avenue, NW) has been canceled, however there will be a closing reception on August 15, 2015 at 7PM. The show is currently up — so you can view the work on the walls right now.

International NOVA Film Festival
Kunitaro Ohi
House Studio
No Town
Astray Productions
Curls Studio


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