Pop Goes The Podcast LIVE at Awesome Con



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No summer break for us, the Carolyn and Joe Show podcast keeps rolling! On this episode our hosts, filmmaker, Joe Carabeo and cartoonist, Carolyn Belefski bring you a podcast that will make your head pop! Ever wanted to make a podcast and didn’t know where to start, this is the episode for you. Live from Awesome Con, it’s the Pop Goes the Podcast panel with, Jennifer Crawford (The Jellyvision Show), Justin McLachlan (EOS 10 Radio Play and podcast) Carolyn Belefski (Carolyn and Joe Show) and Alex Vidales (Pilot Waves Podcast) and Michael O’Connell (It’s all Journalism ) These guys know what podcasting is all about.

DC Podfest
The Jellyvision Show
EOS 10 Radio Play
Pilot Waves Podcast
It’s All Journalism
Joe Carabeo

Carolyn Belefski

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